Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia

Specialists in transporting hazardous material

Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia

In the transport business since 1974

Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia
Efficiency and ecology in transport

When we have a new transport project, our personalized customer service for every client is focused on both the product to transport and the kind of service provided, so we can choose the best mode of transport. 

Our choice is determined by: 

• Hazard level of the product
• Minimising risk 

Because of the versatility of our units, intermodal transport can meet the needs of peak demand better than other modes of transport.

Using modern eco-friendly intermodal transport significantly reduces the negative environmental impact caused by lorries and the risk of accidents for your products and company.

Tank containers have the advantage of  INTERMODALITY, or a combination of different modes of transport, using the same container and without manipulating the product. In this way, your merchandise will have no trouble arriving at any destination in the world, however far it may be.

By combining different modes of transport we can provide another advantage in long distance service, which is price.

Above all else, we're defined by our professionalism with our customer service. A business like ours calls for the utmost professionalism and formality in order to ensure optimum quality.

To those ends, we deal with every client on a personal level and we advise them in accordance with their specific needs.