Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia

Specialists in transporting hazardous material

Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia

In the transport business since 1974

Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia
Efficiency and ecology in transport
a) Implement and maintain an effective Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements in force for intermodal transport described in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 international standards and the SQAS guide.

b) Meet the deadlines agreed upon and understand that our clients need products transported at a precise moment.

c) Transport safety, which is extremely important given the nature of the majority of the products we transport.

d) The quality of the product transported; make sure that the characteristics of the product when it's loaded are kept the same during the entire shipping process until it's delivered.

e) The amount of product transported; there shouldn't be any material lost during shipping other than natural controlled losses that are accepted in professional transport.

f) The shipping container must be in good condition, whether it belongs to the client or TECNIRUTA-CONCISA, S.A., because successful shipping and safe transport depends on it to a great deal.

g) Providing clients with information so the client can have all the information they may desire that affects the services.

h) The quality of services provided with a special emphasis on processing orders and everything that affects the quality and safety of the services.

i) Complying with legal requirements including food hygiene requirements (in the food products division), contractual, client expectations and other applicable requirements.

j) Preventing errors and environmental pollution, with a goal of zero defects.

k) Every employee has the obligation and responsibility for preserving their own health and safety, that of their co-workers and of any other people who may be affected by what they do while working, and using or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the work day is strictly prohibited.

l) Implementing and continuous staff training in improvement programmes for Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) and protecting people and property from loss from robbery or vandalism geared towards positively influencing driver behaviour through observation, training and communication.

m) Firm commitment of the company in the fulfillment of its requirements in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, integrating social, labor and human rights together with security, environmental and governance concerns in commercial operations and relations with its interlocutors.


Jacobo Sitges

Management Director

October 01, 2020