Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia

Specialists in transporting hazardous material

Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia

In the transport business since 1974

Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia
Efficiency and ecology in transport
            Specialists in transport

has a modern fleet of lorries and a large stock of tank containers and tanks, all of which are certified and homologated to travel to any part of the world and transport the product our client needs.

Because of the versatility of our units, intermodal transport can meet the needs of peak demand better than other modes of transport.

A tank container is the only mode of transport in the world that's adapted for transport by road, rail and sea.

Using modern eco-friendly intermodal transport significantly reduces the negative environmental impact caused by lorries and the risk of accidents for your products and company. Intermodal transport and, in particular rail transport, is the most appropriate and highly recommended mode of transport when climate conditions are unfavourable.

Freight transport by road

We transport bulk chemical products by road in ADR and non  ADR tanks or stainless steel tank containers for liquids of different capacities.

We have 20', 30' and 40' container trailer platforms in addition to 20' and 30' swivelling platforms for containers with rotation valves.

Freight transport by rail

We have tools for managing, reserving and buying spaces on the intermodal train transport network on-line. And tools for shipment traceability, localising containers and trains in real time and predicting arrival times. We leave your products in rail stations that are close to your clients so that deliveries can be made in the shortest time possible.

Sea transport

We have the logistics structure and experience to ensure constant or sporadic sea transport flows to any destination.

Our central offices in Santurce and our Barcelona Branch are close to the Port of Bilbao and the Port of Barcelona, respectively.