Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia

Specialists in transporting hazardous material

Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia

In the transport business since 1974

Tecniruta Transportation Santurtzi Bizkaia
Efficiency and ecology in transport
When we have a new transport project, our PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE for every client is focused on both the product to transport and the kind of service provided, so we can choose the best mode of transport. 

Our choice is determined by:
• Hazard level of the product
• Minimising risk 

We have highly qualified staff for both analysis and execution of transport who have lot of experience in transporting hazardous material so we can guarantee high quality service to our clients, which include large multinationals in the industry who have put their trust in us.

Our company's professionalism and specialisation has led us to be responsible for a considerable fleet of tank containers that belong to our clients, who trust our services to optimise the transport, time, and transit use of their equipment.

We have bases in Santurce (Biscay) and Barcelona.